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About Me

My name is Lukasz Czapla. I enjoy photography as a hobby as well as graphics design and programming. I have been involved in many projects but my main two projects are LukeAirTool and flyLAT.

I have decided to start this blog to write about my travels and current projects. This would make it easier to communicate with my followers and people that are interested in travel. I am no expert in blogging and this is my first time doing this.

I am currently working on building a small developing company where we would be developing games and software’s. Soon I will be posting my journey on starting my own dev company.

Whilst I was working on LukeAirTool I have met several people which hopefully one day I will work with them on my future projects.



A long drive from London was definitely worth it. I really want to go back to Scotland for the food and scenery…

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This was a spontaneous trip, going to a completely new place without any sort of a plan. We just know we had Pen Ya Van to climb. That was a killer for me.