Adding flyLAT to LukeAirTool

The most challenging thing to do is to add flyLAT feature to LAT. Firstly, I don’t have enough space to add everything in. So I had to rework some UI stuff which actually came out pretty good. It has a nice slide in menu on the left side, something that you would normally see on a mobile app.

Next I have had some issues with implementing current API that we have for flyLAT, that didn’t seem to work so I had to write every single API again. So far so good. I have managed to create API to create a company, get company data, creating/deleting routes and now working on aircraft buying. Hopefully I can get this done by thursday this week. Then I will give my self a week to work on the employee feature and friends list feature. Once that is done, I will be adding marketplace to allow players to sell stuff to other players. Like aircrafts, hubs, resources from storage units and more. Cargo function will be carried over from current cargo overhaul. Some small UI changes will be added at later date.

Finally I will need to work on the financial side of things for your company. Like taking loans, paying taxes and checking if company has gone into negative. If company has gone into negative bank balance, you won’t be able to take off as you wont have enough money to pay take off fees.

CEOs will have a chance to reset their company. First time, it’s free to do so. Then it will cost 5,000,000Cr to refresh company.

Users bank balance will be separated from company balance. However user will have an option to withdraw and deposit money to companies bank balance. Remember, it’s always good to keep at least 10,000,000Cr in your personal account. Just in case you want to reset your company or if you have any outstanding depts you need to pay to recover your companies activities.

At some point in the future once flyLAT has been released, there will be an option for users to pause their company. This means that user will need to pay a fee from companies balance and then they will be exempt from paying bills but all their assets will be frozen and wont be able to use it. A release fee will be required. This will prevent users trying to dodge paying tax’s. There will be certain amount of times you can do it in a year.

Who will be able to access flyLAT and when?
I am planning to release flyLAT at some point in May. Don’t forget this can change depending on my free time. Reason why I am choosing to release it in May, it’s because I am going away for 3 weeks and would like to have it in the hands of testers and early subscribers. Once I come back from holiday, I am sure I will have tons of feedback on what is rubbish and what is good. I will then apply some tweaks.