Welcome to my projects page. Here you will see all the project I am currently working other than photography and movie making.

LukeAirTool give you extra emersion for your flight simulators. This software was designed for Windows operating system. I started making LukeAirTool to be just a soundboard to add real airline announcements. From there I evolved the app to have passenger simulator, cargo economy that is driven by real online players as well as other tools like charts and real time map.

I am evolving this up week by week and to be honest I don’t think if I will ever finish the app. Now I am expanding it so people can run their own virtual airline. Read below as I have kind of separated the projects.

For any help with LukeAirTool or flyLAT please head over to the official support page by clicking here

flyLAT is an addon for LukeAirTool program. This will have web interface as well, allowing any browser enabled devices to use this. You will be able to recruit real players to fly for your airline. Also I am adding route management, aircraft management, HQ and hub management as well as passenger economy system.

Inspiration for this project started when I was using other virtual airline providers and none of them gave me what I needed from them. So I decided to make my own.